Welcome Family!

Life is scary sometimes. We work to live and provide for our families. Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck just trying to survive. It seems going the straight and narrow defeats the purpose. Yet, if you rely on the government and have a lower income there is an abundance of assistance. I started Perfectpath4Me because I wanted to explore more of what I love while being able to give my child opportunities that I never had. On that journey I had to break a lot of generational curses. I had to learn to jump out of the everyday ordeals that constantly blocked my path to what I knew I deserved.

PerfectPath4Me didn't happen overnight. No, no, no I didn't launch until 2 years after my formation. There were so my details I had no clue about. I didn't know how to put together a website and went through 3 different platforms. YouTube became my best friend and my daughter became my fire. It seemed right when things were flowing a flood creep in washing away all my progress. However, I keep paddling through the currents until I reached the shore and saw a small village. It was my village with you, my family, waiting to embrace me.

I never gave up and knew, okay today I may not have done much, but at least I did something. Soon after more and more input I was ready to launch. It's been a long time coming. My message is to never give up on your dreams. You might see others doing things you wish you could, but just know in due time, YOUR TIME, things will come into fruition. Plus, there is enough for everyone and what you do isn’t like anyone else. Your path is your path and their path is their path. What's funny is the name I choose for my business is exactly what it took for me to understand that my time will come when it's right for me.

Follow your dreams, aspirations, and purpose. Don't worry about how others progress, because everything you do is the perfect path for you.

 P.S. If you see anything I can improve on or an item we don't have that you would like to see in the future, reach out! Your input is valued greatly.

With Love,

Founder/Owner ( Dang it feels good to say that 😊)